Eddie’s film receives rave reviews at Sundance

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Eddie’s unofficial world premiere at America’s premier independent film event (the Sundance Film Festival) turned out to be this year’s best kept secret!  The news was more or less announced when stars Hugh Jackman and Taron Edgerton popped up all over the city’s infamous Main St. for press interviews.

The film is loosely based on Eddie’s story when he made history at the 1988 Calgary Olympics as the first British ski jumper to participate in a Winter Games in over 60 years. He became a global celebrity after landing jumps in two different competitions during those games and earning the nickname “Eddie the Eagle.”

More importantly, Eddie gave hope to millions that no matter what your background or upbringing, if you worked hard enough and persevered enough you too could become an Olympian. The Dexter Fletcher directed biopic not only respects his legacy, but also finds a way to make the story incredibly entertaining (wonderfully portrayed by Taron Edgerton).

Beyond Fletcher’s superb direction, the film soars on the obvious chemistry between the main actors (Edgerton and Jackman). Of course, Jackman’s character and his time in Germany is completely fictional (Edwards was trained by two established American coaches in Lake Placid, USA). The two actors are so good they’ll make you believe this is how it all actually happened!

Eddie the Eagle is released in UK cinemas on 28 March 2016.

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